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The cost of a bad translation: tips for writing technical documentation for translation

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  • 06. June
  • 16:00 - 16:40 PM (CET)
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  •  Deirdre Brophy

    Deirdre Brophy

    • Kneat


Companies spend time and money investing in translating their content to market their brand and develop a specific and consistent image internationally. What are the challenges in writing technical documentation that will be translated? What are the consequences of poorly translated content? This presentation shows how text can have multiple meanings if not written and translated correctly.



You will learn about the challenges in writing technical documentation for a global audience and producing culturally specific content and I will provide tips and strategies to fix poorly written content.

Prior knowledge

This presentation will help all levels of technical writers, and will interest both native and non-native English speakers.


 Deirdre Brophy

Deirdre Brophy

  • Kneat

I am a Senior Technical Writer with Kneat, an e-validation product. I create API documentation, release notes, and end-user documentation, using a docs-as-code approach. I studied Technical Writing and Localisation at undergraduate level and completed a MSc Multilingual Computing and Localisation in 2017.