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Conditions of Participation

Registration for Evolution of TC is binding and non-transferable. Registration subject to the provision that you can participate in an individual event, or a social program item is not permitted.

Terms of Payment

The participation fee is due upon registration. It is payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice or via an online payment system. The obligation to pay does not expire if the participant does not participate due to reasons for which the organizer is not responsible. Admission to the conference or to virtual participation is only possible upon receipt of payment.
To ensure admission, proof must be provided that the invoice amount has been paid prior to the start of the conference. It must either be paid online or proof must be provided to accounting.tcworld@tekom.de that the invoice amount has been paid.

Forfeiture of seat reservations

Please note that seats are limited for single sessions, both on site and online. If no payment or proof of payment has been made by 7:00 a.m. the morning of the respective day of the event, the right for seat reservations made for that day will be forfeited.

Early booking discount

If payment is not received within three weeks of invoicing to qualify for the early booking discount, the difference will be calculated at the normal price. Once a recalculation has been made, participation is only possible after full payment of the normal price is received.


The participant may cancel or withdraw his participation in accordance with the following provisions, insofar as the organizer is not responsible for the cancellation.

Cancellation of up to four weeks before the start of the conference is free of charge to the participant.

In the case of cancellations between four weeks before the start of the conference and before 2 June 2021, the organizer may charge a reasonable lump sum fee of EUR 90.00 net or withhold any participation fees already received. The participant reserves the right to prove that the organizer had no damage or less damage than the lump sum fee; in this case, no amount or only the lesser damage amount is to be paid. The organizer reserves the right to determine that in fact the damage is greater than the lump sum fee; in this case the greater damage amount must be paid.

For cancellations after 2 June 2021, the full participation fee will remain due, and any participation fees already paid will not be refunded.

Force Majeure

In the event of force majeure, which leads to a cancellation of the conference or an interruption of the contract, or the conference or individual services according to the contract, both parties have the right to terminate the contract. This also applies if impossibility is given in accordance with § 275 paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

In these cases, services made must be reversed in accordance with § 346 of the German Civil Code (BGB) and the right to the contractual services is waived. Claims for damages and compensation for futile expenses are excluded.

Image / sound recordings

Taping, video recording and photography are generally not permitted. Exceptions can only be made after consultation with the tcworld management. We would like to point out that tcworld GmbH, as the organizer, takes photographs and films of the event for the purpose of documentation or self-publishing. It is therefore possible that you will be recognizable on photos and film recordings. The pictures and film recordings will be kept permanently for the documentation of the event. Selected material is used for reporting and advertising purposes in the 'tk', 'tcworld magazine', association websites, newsletters and social media such as Twitter, XING, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Please contact the photographer or camera man immediately if you do not wish to appear in photos or on film. The legal basis for the processing of images and video recordings is the legitimate interest of the organizer in accordance with GDPR Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. f GDPR. Interviews and opinions will only be published with your express consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) 1 lit a GDPR.

Virtual conference and showrooms

It is not permitted to pass on the access data for the "tekom-Community" and "my conference tool" platforms to other persons.

We ask you to reserve a place in advance for technical presentations, tutorials, workshops or other online events. Without a seat reservation, participation cannot be guaranteed.

Recording or partial recording and screenshots of technical presentations, tutorials or other online events are not permitted. The screening of technical presentations, tutorials or other online events is also not permitted, either publicly or non-publicly.

The presentations will be accessible for 3 months after the conference.

Seat reservations

The sessions are limited to a certain number of participants. Please reserve a seat in advance, for technical presentations, tutorials or other individual events. Participation cannot be guaranteed without a seat reservation. The reservation can be made in 'my meeting tool'.

Participation in sessions during the conference

It is recommended that participants log-in to the 'my conference tool' in due time (10 minutes before the start of the individual event). The dial-in links for reserved individual events and for remaining available sessions become visible about 30 minutes before the start the respective session.

Technical requirements and system requirements

Participants who want to use the audio features using VoIP need a fast Internet connection, a microphone, and speakers. A USB headset is recommended. Information about the system requirements can be found here. A system check can be performed here.

You can download the conference service provider's desktop app or use a temporary application to participate. For help with troubleshooting, click here.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that he or she has a sufficient internet connection and that he/she meets the technical requirements and system requirements. The participant is not entitled to withdraw from the contract or to terminate the contract if he/she is prevented from participating, due to an insufficient internet connection, the technical requirements or system requirements do not exist, or that individual applications are blocked by an employer, for example.

Rules of participation during sessions

Depending on the format (e.g. technical presentation), the participants are automatically muted and listen in via the speaker system of the device used by default. For an alternative dial-in via telephone, dial-in information is displayed in the audio area under "Phone call". It is possible to ask the speaker questions by entering questions in the question window of the control panel. We kindly ask for your understanding that, depending on the number of participants, it may not be possible for the speaker to answer all questions. The speaker is responsible for selecting the questions to be answered.

Other formats, such as Meetups, allow for a discussion between participants and moderators.

After sessions, there is the possibility to chat with other participants and, if necessary, with the speakers.

It is not permitted to share the access data for 'my conference tool' with others.

The recording, live recording or partial recording respectively, screenshots of technical presentations, tutorials or of other sessions is prohibited. Additionally, the public and non-public screening of presentations, tutorials and other sessions is not permitted.

Sessions will be available for another 3 months after the meeting.

Showrooms and tekom NetworkingLounge

You will have access to an application including showrooms and the tekom NetworkingLounge.  Within the application you can:

• See a program overview

• Connect with other participants and sponsors

• Watch sponsor presentations

• Participate in chats and discussion groups

• View sponsor profiles

• Book appointments with sponsors

• Make video calls with sponsors

• View job postings

You will receive the links to the event app and other tools, in good time prior to conference.

Rules of Conduct

Rules of conduct for the virtual conference

Dear participants,

We wish to create a positive conference experience for all participants and want everyone to feel comfortable also at a virtual Evolution of TC conference. To make this happen, we have established rules of conduct for the conference.

To whom and when do the rules of conduct apply?

The rules of conduct apply to all participants, speakers, sponsors, tekom and tcworld employees, guests and helpers who take part in the Evolution of TC conference online.

They shall apply throughout the entire conference and regardless of whether it concerns events, chats, and appointments with sponsors or visits to Café tekom or other contacts within the framework of the conference.


  • Behave in a friendly and respectful manner.
  • Be courteous and tolerant.
  • Use the numerous chats after the events and in the event app to get in contact with other participants.
  • Networking is expressly encouraged.
  • Use the Café tekom to meet old acquaintances and make new acquaintances.


It is not permitted

  • to behave insulting, degrading, discriminating, sexist, or aggressive towards others.
  • to post or show content that incites hatred, is pornographic or violates youth protection laws.
  • to post or show content that infringes the rights of third parties, in particular copyright, trademark, name, patent, patent, utility model, design patent, image and personal rights.
  • Post or show content with the intention of promoting political parties or ideologies.
  • to post or show content that is subject to a legal or contractual obligation of secrecy.
  • to advertise products or services outside the designated areas and the event app.
  • to make active acquisitions in the Café tekom. This is the purpose of the Event App.
  • to place or distribute links to other tele media containing illegal information.

Advertising, marketing and acquisition

We are pleased about the active participation of sponsors. The event app offers the perfect platform to make new contacts and present tools.

As always, individual events such as presentations, tutorials and meetups must be free of advertising. This also applies to the chats following the individual events.

The virtual café should be a place of relaxation, communication and professional discussion. In the virtual café, therefore, intrusive marketing pitches, sales activities or similar actions are not permitted.

What happens if rules of conduct are violated?

Please report to us immediately at customerservice@tekom.de if the above rules of conduct have been violated by others. Only then can we take action.

Please let us know:

  • When and where the incident occurred? (e.g. chat after a presentation or in the virtual café)
  • Name / description of the persons involved?
  • What exactly happened?
  • Is the infringement still ongoing?
  • If necessary further helpful information.

You may also report incidents where you are not sure whether the rules of conduct have been violated. We will keep your name confidential in any case.

Possible actions in case of violation of the rules of conduct:

  • Personal reprimand to refrain from such behavior in the future.
  • Public request to refrain from behavior (e.g. in chat or in the Café tekom).
  • Request to apologize.
  • Request to refrain from contact with a person who feels harassed.
  • Removing illegal, offensive or otherwise violating content.

Exclusion of persons who do not respect the rules of conduct from specific areas (e.g. the virtual café) or the entire virtual conference (without refund of the participation fees).

The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be Stuttgart.

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