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  • Keynote
  • AI
  • 06. June
  • 09:10 - 09:50 AM (CET)
  • Uranus & Neptune
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  •  Elitza Stoilova

    Elitza Stoilova

    • Umni


The keynote speech, will give attendees an understanding of different chatbot types, including those with conversational AI and with generative AI. The differences between these types of chatbots and how these differences affect the training of AI models and information structuring will be explained.

Additionally, the presentation will present an idea of the possible future of conversational AI in technical documentation. The potential of turning technical documentation into conversational AI will be discussed, providing an overview of the benefits of using conversational AI in documentation writing, thus introducing the concept of “conversational documentation”.

Overall, the keynote speech will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of usage of conversational AI and how it can be used to improve technical documentation writing. I hope you will join me for this exciting speech and leave with actionable insights and best practices for creating effective and engaging conversational documentation.


With this speech I have the goal to provide the audience with food for thoughts on the topic. It will cover a range of topics related to conversational AI, including an overview of different chatbot types, the differences between them, and the importance of creating high-quality prompts and answers and how this may affect the job of technical writers.


 Elitza Stoilova

Elitza Stoilova

  • Umni

Elitza Stoilova is the co-founder and CEO of Umni, a no-code platform for creating and managing AI chatbots for a website.