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Good practices in AI chatbot planning, creation and usage

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  • Enablement of User Experience (design, visuals, and language)
  • 07. June
  • 09:15 - 10:45 AM (CET)
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  •  Elitza Stoilova

    Elitza Stoilova

    • Umni


The AI chatbot for business differs from ChatGPT by the functionalities required to accomplish business tasks, as well as by using smaller AI models specialized to the company and customers’ needs, carefully selected by the business training data and the control over it, and by the approval of the AI chatbot content before going public. The success is hidden in the AI chatbot's good planning, creation, and usage.


The audience will learn more about the AI chatbot as a software solution, the critical elements of planning such a project, and good practices in its creation and usage to maximize the benefits for the business and the users. 


Prior knowledge

Basic understanding of what is AI chatbot and how it works. Newbies are welcome as well!


 Elitza Stoilova

Elitza Stoilova

  • Umni

Elitza Stoilova is the co-founder and CEO of Umni, a no-code platform for creating and managing AI chatbots for a website.