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Let's GIT started - A novice's guide to version control and collaboration


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  • 06. June
  • 11:45 - 12:25 AM (CET)
  • Uranus & Neptune
  •  Bergfrid Skaara Dias

    Bergfrid Skaara Dias

    • SuperOffice AS


Do you struggle with Git? Do you panic when "Automatic merge failed" flashes on your screen? Or are you procrastinating using Git all together?


In this presentation you'll learn the basics of Git repositories, branching, merging, and collaboration as well as best practices for using Git in your projects.


  • Git can improve collaboration and version control in your documentation projects
  • It's hard to mess up beyond what's recoverable
  • Connect the dots and harness branches into a well-groomed Git tree

Prior knowledge

Any TC practitioner


 Bergfrid Skaara Dias

Bergfrid Skaara Dias

  • SuperOffice AS

With more than 15 years of experience as a tech writer and a master in computer science, Bergfrid preaches doc-as-code. With an equally straight face, she fixes typos and grammar and codes C# to reformat content.