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Best Practices When Creating Graphics for Your Documentation

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  • 06. June
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  •  Ivanka Radkova

    Ivanka Radkova

    • VMware Bulgaria Ltd.


Creating and implementing more visuals in the technical documentation is no longer a matter of decoration. It is a necessity. Therefore, we not only write about complex features, but also create various graphics types. What are the best practices when creating graphics for your publication? There is a list of aspects you should consider making sure that your visual content is consistent and will improve the customers’ experience.



 Ivanka Radkova

Ivanka Radkova

  • VMware Bulgaria Ltd.

Ivanka Radkova has an MSc degree in Mathematics and Informatics at the Sofia University. Ivanka has been working as a Staff Technical Writer at VMware Bulgaria for more than 5 years. Ivanka used to be a freelance Web Developer with 15 years of experience.