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Revolutionizing Translation Project Management: Unveiling sTMS

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  • 04. June
  • 15:45 - 16:25 PM (CET)
  • E.11 Training Room
  •  Nenad Angelov

    Nenad Angelov

    • Mitra Translations Ltd.


In the ever-evolving landscape of translation project management, the demand for a comprehensive and efficient system has never been higher. After years of rigorous testing and experience, our team at Mitra Translations in collaboration with Smart Innovations has successfully developed sTMS, a unique and versatile Translation Management System tailored specifically for market needs. This cloud-based solution combines user-friendly navigation with a multilingual interface, ensuring seamless project management for every person involved with the translation process.

sTMS offers a myriad of features, including a client and vendor portal, mobile version, file upload/download capabilities, invoicing and a flexible project management model. Another key element of the system is the integrated Business Intelligence Model (BI). The product has been fine-tuned over three years of real-world testing, addressing minor bugs, introducing new functionalities such as vendor schedules and CAT analysis estimations, and ultimately exceeding the initial expectations.


Glance at sTMS, a Translation Management Solution ensuring that LSPs and clients can quickly and efficiently manage various translation projects without the need for extensive setup and training.

Prior knowledge

Fundamental project management knowledge.


 Nenad Angelov

Nenad Angelov

  • Mitra Translations Ltd.

Experienced linguistic engineer with a background in Machine Translation and Project Management.

Focusing on innovation within the translation industry, translation workflow optimization and technical support for PMs, Vendors etc.