Evolution of TC

Docs as Code: Demo of the HERE Case, Walking through How We Work

  • Presentation
  • Docs as Code
  • 05. June
  • 09:00 - 09:45 AM (CET)
  • E.21 Event Space


This demo shows how HERE applies the docs-as-code methodology to achieve its goals.

This walkthrough goes through the lifecycle from when a need for work is identified, doing the work itself, and then seeing the result of the work, with a quick review of how to troubleshoot. The demo also includes the automation we have built for managing internationalization.

The end result is a fast, responsive system that allows writers to control the authoring and publishing processes in collabortation with their SMEs.

While the demo does use specific tools, all these components can be replaced with other solutions. In other words, the demo is not a promotion for a specific company.


Attendees will learn the following:

  • CI/CD end-to-end setup to create documentation (specific tools used in demo, but this is not a tools sales case)
  • Internationalization aspects

Prior knowledge

In a way, this is a follow-up to the presentation I made at the Evolution of TC in 2023, with this one being more a hand's on for the HERE systems and including Continuous Delivery and Internationalization. So, last year's attendees will get the most out of this.#

The demo uses our toolset, but this method could certainly be done with other tools.


 Nick Hill

Nick Hill

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Senior technical communications professional with over 25 years of experience in the field with a primary focus on developer documentation. I am a proponent of the docs-as-code methodology for issuing documentation to customers, with a focus on CI/CD practices and automation.