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Docs as code: A workshop to set up a CI pipeline in GitHub and practice basic docs as code workflows

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  • Docs as Code
  • 07. June
  • 12:45 - 14:15 PM (CET)
  • Venus
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  •  Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

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This workshop will allow attendees to practice basic git-based docs as code workflows in GitHub and to build their commits using a basic CI. In addition, the extension points for adding additional CI jobs will be covered.


Attendees to this workshop will get a basic, practical sense of docs as code workflows in GitHub to allow them to evaluate whether the method is appropriate for their cases.

Prior knowledge

This workshop is a basic introduction to the topic, which means experts in this method will find it covers items they already know.

However, some level of comfort with technical issues is expected. We will use the GitHub GUI tool for the tasks: desktop.github.com


 Nick Hill

Nick Hill

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Nick Hill is a Principal Technical Writer at HERE and works in a DocOps role with a focus on tooling and processes that enable technical communicators to be efficient.