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Cloud-Native Docs: A Containerized Publishing Toolchain

  • Presentation
  • ContentOps, DocOps, Content as a Service
  • 05. June
  • 09:00 - 09:45 AM (CET)
  • E.11 Training Room
  •  Val Grimm

    Val Grimm

    • Klarrio


I'm a one-person tech writing team documenting a Kubernetes platform. We have multiple documentation repositories. Customer requirements outgrew my GitHub Pages publishing solution, so management allocated a developer to research and implement something new. He created a user-friendly toolchain with MkDocs, Docker, and GitHub Actions that renders a documentation image from all of our repositories and deploys it to all of our Kubernetes platforms.


Learn about the architecture of our solution so you can replicate it for your organization.

Prior knowledge

Folks with prior knowledge of the Docs as Code methodology will benefit most from this talk.

Suitable for developers who are changing careers to become technical writers and technical writers who are expanding their knowledge.


 Val Grimm

Val Grimm

  • Klarrio

I've been a full-time technical writer since 2015, documenting software including networking and supply chain tools, a game engine, enterprise IT infrastructure, web technologies, and open source data streaming solutions.