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Artificial Authorship: Engineering My Digital AI Twin

  • Presentation
  • AI in Technical Communication
  • 04. June
  • 16:35 - 17:15 PM (CET)
  • E.21 Event Space


This presentation shows you how I'm currently harnessing the power of AI tools to create multiple digital clones of myself. From leveraging ChatGPT's powerful custom GPTs (which I tailor to perform specific text-based tasks), to professionally cloning my voice (making it super quick and easy to create video tutorials and more with), I will show you how I am transferring my 25+ years of guide authoring experience to this innovative space. This entry-level approach lowers the barriers for anyone, making it an accessible journey into this new, exciting, and often controversial, frontier.


Discover how to quickly and easily make use of different Large Language Models (LLM) AI tools to rapidly create content in a consistent style and voice.

Prior knowledge

None. This presentation focuses on keeping the whole process quick and simple.


 Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills

  • Technically An Author Productions Limited

Andrew brings over 25-years of experience in user guide authorship, focusing on creating accessible and engaging content across various media, including video games and business software. A proponent of simplicity in tools and workflows, he's now turning his expertise towards leveraging AI technology.