Evolution of TC

Evolution of TC 2023

This is my first tech writing conference and any following it will have to be as good as this one. Very well-organized, a friendly atmosphere and really useful.”

We were happy to have this year's Evolution of TC in Sofia again.  It took place at the VMWare's event space, which was perfectly equipped with the latest technology and offered enough space for networking and a great view over the city. Several presentations on Docs as Code, Conversational AI, API Documentation, Gamification were presented by international speakers.

First Day: Expert Presentations, Panel Discussion, Meetup and Networking Dinner

At this year’s Evolution of TC, attendees had the chance to hear about and work on topics related to Docs as Code, Conversational AI, API Documentation, Gamification, and many more. Speakers and attendees from 12 different countries joined this year’s conference. After the welcome by the initiative committee of tekom Bulgaria, Elitza Stoilova opened with the keynote “Mastering Language in the World of Conversational AI”. The audience was very interested and had many questions about this topic – these were then addressed in more detail the next day in Eli's workshop “Good Practices in AI Chatbot Planning, Creation and Usage”. 
Also well attended was the presentation by Andrew Mills, who spoke about how content can be reused in different formats. Deirdre Brophy talked about the cost of a bad translation and, using many vivid and interesting examples, showed what to pay attention to in translation processes.
The first day ended with a networking dinner in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant with great food.

Second Day: Workshops and Presentations

The second day was filled with workshops and sponsored presentations. Svetoslav Pandeliev showed attendees how to create a tech writing portfolio using docs as codes in his workshop. In a two-part workshop, Lukasz Gornicki showed how to recognize event-driven architecture and what the difference between sync and async APIs is, demonstrating it all with real-life examples. In their workshop “Leading Like a Pro, or How to Boost the Visual Knowledge of Your Teammates”, Ivanka Radkova and Dobrinka Boeva demonstrated how to develop the most effective visual training for a team. 
The conference ended with a raffle with various prizes to win. We thank all speakers, attendees and VMware for this great conference and look forward to next year. Preparations for the next ETC will start again soon – stay tuned!

Also check out the Evolution of TC Facebook page and browse through current and old photos.