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Building the Right Relationship with Subject Matter Experts

  • Presentation
  • Career Development
  • 04. June
  • 15:45 - 16:25 PM (CET)
  • E.21 Event Space


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are very special and intelligent people who are extremely savvy when it comes to the development of the product and often extremely unaware of the intricacies of documentation. The relationship between SMEs and tech writers must be based on mutual respect and a clear view of common goals. 

This session focuses on the WHO, the WHAT and the HOW of building this relationship with the goal of getting the right information, at the right time, from our SMEs.

What lessons can we learn to improve our relationship with SMEs?

How can we build the right kind of relationship?

What do SMEs need to understand from tech writers, and what do tech writers need to understand about SMEs?


In addition to an overall discussion of a typical information workflow between SMEs and technical communicators, you'll learn about:

  • Improving lines of communication
  • Gaining (and giving) respect
  • Best practices for working together 

Prior knowledge

All levels - no previous knowledge required


Paula Stern

  • WritePoint Ltd.

Paula Stern is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd, the Spokesperson/President and Israel Delegate of tekom Israel, the co-list owner of Techshoret, and lead instructor of the WritePoint Technical Writing Course. She is also the main Conference Coordinator of MEGAComm, the annual tech writer conference in Israel.