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A record number of attendees gathered in Sofia for the 10th anniversary edition of the Evolution of Technical Communication. On June 4 and 5, the conference welcomed 140 attendees from 16 countries all over the globe.

Desislava Mihaylova and Ani Koycheva from tekom Bulgaria opened the event and made a short recap of the conference in the past 10 years, highlighting its path from a small local community event to an ever-growing international conference. They also spoke about future plans and activities in Bulgaria. This was followed by a keynote by Ellis Pratt, a Consulting Technical Communicator and Director at Cherryleaf, listed as one of the top 25 Content Experience influencers in the world in 2017. He spoke about "What Skills will Technical Communicators Need for the Upcoming Years".

The day continued with sessions from Leah Guren with "Secrets of User Compliance", Alice Otero with "How Social Media Helps Making Customers Happy", Michael Fritz with "IoT and Technical Communication", as well as Dimiter Simov with "The Bias Talk", among others. This was followed by a cocktail celebrating the 10th anniversary, a special cake and a speech by Tiziana Sicilia, vicepresident of tekom Europe.

As per Evolution of TC tradition, the second conference day continued with workshops like "Presentation Hacks: Speak like a Pro", "Let’s Make a Podcast", "Automation Style Guide Rules Using a Chatbot" and many more.

Impressions of Evolution of TC 2018 in Sofia

The ninth edition of the Evolution of TC took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 31 and June 1 2018. Tech writers, editors, information architects, translators, consultants and many more attended this year’s event. Overall participants from 16 countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, and the US, gathered to exchange ideas and learn about the latest in the field. Evolution of TC welcomed 23 speakers from 10 countries.

The keynote was delivered by Andy McDonald - an expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of technical documentation and co-founder of Information 4.0 Consortium – an organization created with the goal to define the new information concepts, structures, models and processes that deal not only with Industry 4.0, but also more generally around AI and AR. He spoke about ‘Impact of AI-related Technology on the Way We Design & Provide Software Help’. Other topics covered by the two-day event included ‘Design of Conversations’,’ Leveraging the Elements of API Documentation to Build Active Development Communities’, and ‘GitHub for Technical Writers: From Zero to Published Docs’.

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Impressions of Evolution of TC 2017

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Representatives of 12 countries and 3 continents attended the eighth edition of Evolution of Technical Communication – the biggest technical communication conference in Southeastern Europe

The job position "Technical Communicator" will be included in the National Classifier of Occupations


Experts in the field of technical documentations, technical editors and translators, information architects and consultants gathered in Sofia for the eighth edition of Evolution of Technical Communication. This year the event was attended by over 120 participants from countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, India, Ireland, Poland, USA, Hungary, France, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The conference was opened by Vanya Kiritzova – Senior Manager "Technical Documentation", VMware and a member of the tekom Bulgaria Initiative Committee, as well as Desislava Mihaylova, Technical Documentation Author, Progress and a member of the tekom Bulgaria Initiative Committee. They spoke about the organization’s new initiatives aimed at including the job position "Technical Communicator" in the National Classifier of Occupations, as well as promoting it in the IT communities all over Bulgaria. Up until now, events in which university students were able to learn about the job position were held by tekom Bulgaria in Plovdiv, Vratsa and Veliko Tarnovo. Similar events will be held in Varna, Burgas and Ruse. Another news coming from tekom Bulgaria are the partnerships with BAIT (Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies) and the NGO Women Who Code.

Vanya and Desislava also shared interesting facts about the tech writers in Bulgaria. The job is a good way for people with good foreign language and technical skills to start a successful career in IT without technical educations. According to data from a survey conducted by tekom Bulgaria in 2016, people with diverse professional backgrounds, including journalism, public administration, finance, web development and more, are very successful in this career path.

Vanya Kiritzova addressed the audience: "Evolution of Technical Communication is an annual meeting of professionals in the field of technical communications in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe. It is dedicated to innovations in technical documentation, the latest trends, as well as the tools we use in our job. But more so, this conference is dedicated to the people with different occupations, who share the same goal – to provide the customers with an opportunity to work seamlessly with their products. This conference is for you."

Afterwards, Leah Guren spoke about "The Power of Words”, giving examples from around the world of mistakes in technical texts and their consequences. During her presentation, she highlighted the importance of having a good product with a good accompanying documentation, with which the users can take full advantage of its functionalities.

The first conference day continued with topics such as "State-of-the-art UA: Seamless, Interactive & Intuitive User Assistance", "Dynamic Content Publishing – Your content… it’s alive", as well as interactive sessions.

The second day was dedicated to workshops, which included tips for graphical representation of different types of documents, as well as planning, shooting and editing of video content.

Sponsors of Evolution of Technical Communication 2017 were Adobe, SAP, VMware, Progress, Axway, Xeditor, Oxygen.

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