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Professor Dr Ruslan Mitkov

  • Lancaster University
  • Lancaster
  • Professor Dr Ruslan Mitkov


Professor of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University

Professor of Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering

Awarded Doctor Honoris Causa/Professor Honoris Causa three times

Doctor of Excellence Alicante University

Director of the Erasmus Mundus Programme on Technology for Translation and Interpreting (EM TTI)

Executive Editor of the journal ‘Natural Language Processing’ (Cambridge University Press)

Editor-in-Chief of John Benjamin’s book series Natural Language Processing

Editor of the Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics (Oxford University Press)

Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Marie Curie Fellow

Distinguished Visiting Researcher and Visiting Professor of the University of Malaga

Distinguished Visiting Professor of the University of Franche-Comté

Author of more than 300 publications including 15 books, 35 journal articles and 35 book chapters

Keynote speaker at more than 230 international conferences

Chair of more than 70 international conferences

Website: wp.lancs.ac.uk/mitkov