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Boots on the Ground: Realities in Tech Writing

  • Presentation
  • Software Documentation
  • 09. June
  • 11:00 - 12:00 o'clock (CET)
  • | Online
  • CEO Paula Stern

    CEO Paula Stern

    • WritePoint Ltd.


Tech writers face challenges every day: conquering new knowledge and technologies and keeping up to date; walking through "mine fields" of interpersonal relationships with team members, managers, developers; facing changes to tools, assignments, corporate structuring and more. Grounding ourselves in today's realities while being aware of tomorrow's trends can help strengthen our capabilities to not only hold our place but add a measure of control


1. Define the unchanging realities of our job.
2. Indentify common minefields and individual mines that need to be avoided.
3. Finding the best path to work with others and do the job properly.
4. Identify what we need to learn to keep current

Prior knowledge

No prior experience required


CEO Paula Stern

CEO Paula Stern

  • WritePoint Ltd.

Paula is the founder/CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a veteran technical writing company in Israel. She is the teko Israel Spokesperson and Israel's delegate to the Assembly of Delegates of tekom Europe. In addition to being co-list owner of Techshoret, Paula also coordinates the MEGAComm Conference.