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Tutorial: Metadata Is Dead! Long Live Metadata!

The digital world today seems to be drowning in metadata. It’s becoming progressively harder to get a high return on investment for it. Should you stop paying attention to metadata? Not so fast!

What is metadata? In a nutshell, metadata is, literally, "data about data". The term "meta" is the prefix that means "underlying description or definition". And since metadata summarizes the basic details about the data, it can make finding and working with certain information much easier. Metadata is usually exposed in the form of metatags.

What are the challenges? In the early days of e-commerce metatags were mostly added to help the search engines with deciding on the relevance of a web page, which, in turn, was used to gain visibility, traffic, and even new business. The modern content management tools made it easy to collect and expose metadata through an automated process, so it became widely available.

With the raise of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), companies started overloading their metatags with keywords, trying to trick search engines into making their website appear more relevant. Search engines have caught onto that and minimized their focus on metatags, although these are still important and factored in when it comes to indexing pages online, assigning them visibility and search engine rankings.

What can you do? So, what can you do to capitalize on metadata? What else is it good for? Come learn how you can leverage the metadata, you most likely already have, to make your content portal even smarter.