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How to Plan the Documentation Development – Project Management for Technical Writers

As a technical writer, you often are expected to organize and deliver large sets of information to the customer. But everyone in the team has his or her own understanding of what is important for the customer. The development manager insists on documenting each and every little detail, the marketing manager wants you to focus on sharing success stories from the customers, while the editor thinks you should focus on improving the language quality of the documentation. Meanwhile, everybody in the team just wants to take a couple of days off! Sounds familiar?! Somehow all the expectations fall on you, right?!

How can you balance all these conflicting requirements towards the documentation? How can you ensure that the customer interest is properly defended and you manage to really be the customer advocate? Today everybody speaks about project management, proper planning, and prioritization.

In this workshop, Jordan Stanchev with many years of experience in the field of technical writing, user assistance and architecture will share the secrets of the project management framework that you can use to run the development of your software documentation with the team.

Jordan has been using the same approach to identify and prepare the delivery and successful publishing of numerous user assistance assets for software development projects, such as user guides, multimedia, and video assets.