The Event Is Cancelled!


Code Hackathon (Part II)

A hackathon offers a creative approach to algorithmic thinking and insights into agile methods. Digitalization is changing the working environment – also for technical writers. There are more and more interfaces to UX, training, smart learning, user assistance as well as new technologies and methods (e.g. Design Thinking, User Tests, Hackathons, Agile Development).

Software is increasingly being developed with agile methods. Technical writers can offer great added value in information development. To do so, however, they should be familiar with the methods and know what coding means in an agile context.
The Bosch Hackathons are beginners' workshops where you can learn about the world of programming in a creative and playful way. No previous knowledge is necessary, because together and with the support of our trainers every task can be mastered! In addition to algorithmic thinking, problem-solving competence, error tolerance, open feedback, communication and curiosity are also promoted.
Coding is fun – anyone can code!