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How to Assemble a Quality Writing Portfolio

We’ve all spent a long time trying to decide how to craft the perfect cover letter and resume to apply to new positions. Often times we’re also expected to present writing samples – if not in the application, at some point in the interview process. These writing samples are the key to showing potential employers that you can concisely explain a process in various mediums.

In 2018, I went through this process many times while applying for different technical writer positions. By the end of the year, after several rounds of interviews and two rounds of portfolio work, I was hired by Google. From this experience along with a long interview process, I learned more about what was expected of a technical writer and how to better position myself as an expert technical communicator. In this talk we’ll discuss: How to pick the best writing samples for a job application How to approach additional writing prompts and homework Document design and packaging writing for print and the web Empathy for our potential employers, readers of the writing samples We’ll also touch on how to update your existing work to meet the expectations in the job description.