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Automate Style Guide Rules Using a Chatbot

Many of the style guide rules can be automated using different technologies including Schematron or language checking tools. However, creating the automated rules can be challenging for information architects because they may not necessarily be familiar with the underlying technology. One attempt to solve this is to hide this complexity by using a library of abstract rules, which was successfully implemented in the form of an intelligent style guide that instantiates rules from a library as part of its content. Can we improve further on this?

There is still a manual process to select a rule and to set the corresponding parameters and this may be automated because a constraint actually matches some of the style guide existing prose. Using natural language processing (NLP) on the existing style guide content we should be able to automate the creation of the underlying rules by detecting the intentions expressed in the style guide using natural language. 

Chatbot engines include the NLP part and provide rapid development tools to allow us to experiment and prototype in order to prove that this approach actually works.

We will explore how we can create an intelligent style guide and how we can develop a chatbot to help with automating the creation of rules that enforce the style guide. We will create/update a chatbot to recognize a new generic rule that we can then use to enforce specific style guide constraints and then we will use the chatbot with the style guide content to automate actual constraints expressed in the style guide.

Attendees that will follow the workshop should be able to have their own chatbot that recognizes natural language text from a style guide and provides the corresponding code to automate those constraints. The attendees should be able to create also their own intelligent style guide that they can use for their own projects, tuning that for their specific needs, and being able to obtain the scripts to automate the constraints expressed in their own style guide.