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KEYNOTE: Impact of AI-related Technology on the Way we Design & Provide Software Help

AI-related technologies are impacting the way we design information. This talk describes what works in 2018 and what doesn't yet and proposes next steps. It is designed to help technical writers sift through all the hype out there and imagine where they need to concentrate their efforts.

User-oriented information for software will have to follow an Information 4.0 structure. We will examine the reasons for this. Information design and mapping go beyond structured content for on the fly reuse. This changes even the way we will write. Deep Learning technologies will be implemented for support, but does this work and what is the cost? Chatbots are full of promise. How can they be implemented and with what effort? How easy is it to use our current content? Will onboarding assistants be useful? What is contextualisation and what impacts would its use have on information design.