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Intelligent Information for Smart Users

Users want to use their mobile devices to get all the information they want and need – in the concrete context, individualized, and right on the spot.

Short for Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard, iiRDS is a standard that enables to communicate independently between individual undertakings. This means: manufacturers can easily serve many customers with the information for use they require. Also, customers can easily integrate information for use from many different manufacturers. 

As in a digitalized world, a new form of creating context is necessary, iiRDS takes metadata as the key of its concept. With a richly defined ontology and Use Cases, iiRDS is applicable in any interested party in any industry where it meets the exact needs of its users. 

This presentation not only gives you an insight into iiRDS and everything that has been brought to life in version 1.0 of the project – you will also learn about future activities and even how you can get involved.