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Applied Magic: Automating and Integrating DITA-based Documentation in a DevOps Workflow

Documentation as a product: Building and publishing documentation from a DITA source using continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) without a content management system.

How to adopt the principles of DevOps (unified toolchain, continous delivery, and collaboration) for DITA sourced documentation, following the best practices for docs-like-code, with demonstration and hands-on examples.

Part 1: The Software AG (SAG) Documentation Example: a brief introduction of the DITA automation system that technical writers at SAG use daily to produce documentation from DITA sources. How the documentation production and delivery model at SAG follows the docs-like-code creed to deliver docs for the DevOps world.

Part 2: Do It Yourself: building an enterprise-like doc automation/continuous integration system using open source tools. The major components/ alternatives and how they interact: - DITA XML, XSLT - DITA-OT - Jenkins (other CI servers) - Artifactory - Scripts for publishing - Proprietary software vs. in-house customization of free tools.

Part 3: How the magic happens: demo and hands-on examples.