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Workshop: Sketch Me a Document

Practical hints regarding visual capturing and graphical representation of any type of content.

A different way of drafting a document alone or during a meeting, even virtually.

The main focus is on how to combine basic shapes into complex objects to build visual vocabulary. Also on basic techniques to improve handwriting. The workshop will be mostly practical, meaning that each part will be demonstrated first, together with detailed how to explanation, after which the participants will try it themselves with the help of the workshop facilitator. The workshop will start with a short motivation about why to use pen and paper in the digital world and will continue with how to draw basic shapes (line, rectangle, triangle, circle, free forms), how to break down an object to basic shapes and vice versa, how to draw and use arrows, containers and group the information. After the break the workshop will continue with some principles of writing and use of the white space and end with a wrap-up of the tips. And of course the participants will practice all of the above a lot on a flip chart paper or whiteboard