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State-of-the-art UA: Seamless, Interactive & Intuitive User Assistance

A next-generation user assistance that helps quickly onboard the user by providing embedded help and learning content in a highly intuitive way.

The user is guided directly within the app via easy-to-consume content displayed real-time, which showcases best practice scenarios.
Just to name some of the help scenarios in scope: context-sensitive help overlaid on the UI, interactive guided tours, and What’s New mode (new features shown on startup of the app).
What's more, this approach provides for extending the help content in a desirable format, which the company user can personalize and integrate instantly where needed.
Last but not least, a delightful user assistance where all integrated content is enabled/disabled as easy as a single click – how cool is that!
We would like to demonstrate how this UA concept adds great value for the users by enabling them to learn fast, extend and interact with the help content.